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Audience Segmentation

We build fresh consumer-centered segmentations for large and small brands. Our approach is fully end-to-end: from engaging stakeholders, to immersing with the consumer and culture, to segmentation building and prioritization, to ensuring segments live and breathe internally via rich socialization assets, interactive workshops and 1st party data connection.

Demand Spaces

We’re also experienced in building occasion-based segmentations and demand spaces for categories where usage decisions are driven more by the moment than the consumer type. We’ve built rich, fresh demand spaces for both global and local brands and, like our audience segmentation work, our approach is fully end-to-end.

Market Segmentation & Forecasting

We help clients segment and prioritize countries or regions for strategic focus and resource allocation. This involves: an in-depth, data-science oriented market driver analysis to predict growth opportunities, opportunity sizing and forecasting, market classification and prioritization, and market profiling to contextualize growth barriers and opportunities.

Brand Positioning

Brand Audit

We run in-depth brand studies, exploring the brand’s equity, and barriers and drivers to purchase or usage. We do this at the audience level, for example against different user types (prospects, existing users, lapsed users, rejectors) and/or a client’s consumer segmentation. We situate brand insights in the context of the category, competitors and culture, helping fuel strategic direction and thinking.

Visual Identity Mapping

We help clients understand their distinctive assets – identifying which assets can be evolved or changed within a brand identity refresh, and which are central consumers’ brand memory structures and should be untouched. At the heart of our approach is our three step process which maps the distinctiveness of assets, their contribution to the brand’s personality, and their importance in communicating trust and reassurance.


Usage & Attitudes Studies

We run strategically-focused category usage and attitude studies for brands looking to enter new categories, or looking to reignite growth in their existing categories. We shape these studies around the client’s strategic goals as well as the cultural and brand context, with the work including insights into: category sizing, category drivers and barriers, category entry points and journeys, competitor and brand relationships, and category customer types.


Cultural Trends & Insights

We create provocative, story-based cultural trends for client strategy and inspiration. Our trends are built from the bottom up – through an in-depth mapping of trend manifestations, visual and language analysis of social platform and news content, and exploratory qualitative work. We validate and provide confidence in trend insights through quantification, synthesizing all the work into clear, narrative stories with strategic implications.


Moments of Receptivity

We fuel clients’ comms strategies with an extensive understanding of when, where, and how consumers are most receptive to a brand message. This enables clients to focus their comms and media plans – targeting moments that are most effective and helping ensure efficiency of comms investment. Our approach is mixed method – using a combination of trended social listening and content analysis, in-depth qualitative research, and quantitative moments-sizing and prioritization.

Consumer Journeys

To underpin the customer experience and comms strategy we also map and unlock consumer journeys. Here we use a multimethod approach exploring category entry points, needs, barriers and drivers qualitatively before quantitatively sizing and profiling insights. We bring client stakeholders along with us throughout our process, workshopping initial qual insights to inform quantification, before a final journey rollout workshop.


Conjoint Analysis

We help clients design successful products and services with our choice-based conjoint approach. Unlike off-the-shelf solutions, our approach is highly flexible to each client’s specific situation, needs, and product feature-types. We deliver clear, insightful guidance into which features are optimal, how to bundle features, how to price product options, and expected market and revenue performance, all contextualized with the ‘whys’ behind how features work or not.

Concept Testing

Sometimes clients have a finite set of product or service options they need to choose from. We test clients’ product concepts against a mixture of standardized and client-specific metrics. In addition to assessing concepts against these metrics, we also explore what consumers like or don’t like about each concept, helping clients develop and communicate around what’s appealing, and working on what doesn’t appeal.

Marketing Assets

Asset Testing

We run a range of testing studies, from name testing to visual asset testing. Our approach uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative research, exploring consumers’ responses and emotions to refine and define assets, and then quantifying how well assets appeal to consumers, drive distinctiveness, and communicate the brand’s positioning.


Early Stage Exploration

For early stage message and creative development we use MaxDiff along with TURF methods. Our approach prioritizes which benefits or value propositions are most likely to land with consumers, and which combinations of these messages will have the widest appeal. In addition to understanding overall message appeal, we contextualize learnings, helping clients understand why certain messages work better than others and how to further develop message options.

Late Stage Testing

We also test later stage creative concepts where clients have a number of creative options they are deciding between. Here we use a combination of qualitative and quantitative research, exploring what’s working and why for each creative, and assessing each against a range of standardized and campaign specific metrics.


Brand Health Tracking

We run provocative, insightful brand health tracking studies for clients that want to go beyond the basic ‘metric reporting’ often common in brand trackers. Starting with an in-depth understanding of the organization’s strategic needs, we shape the tracker to capture a mixture of proven brand health metrics, brand identity measures, and contextual consumer, category and cultural measures. After the foundational wave we establish underlying brand drivers and the predictive measures that matter using our unique data science approach, further shaping the tracker’s focus. And then, within each wave, we deliver a set of clear, insightful stories about where the brand and the consumer is, and where there are opportunities to grow.


Pre/Post Studies

For clients looking to understand the potential brand impact of their campaigns we run pre/post campaign measurement studies. These are tailored to the specific campaign objectives, comms strategy and client’s needs. And they always consist of a combination of standardized metrics, brand/campaign-specific metrics and deeper questions around why the campaign has worked or not.